Gut Microbiome Testing

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The MetaBiome™ utilises a comprehensive and up to date microbiome assessment technology, providing a complete picture of the bacteria within the gut and their functional potential. By sequencing the whole genome, the test can identify individual genes in the bacteria that may contribute to the function of that bacteria and the related influence on microbial and functional health.

A microbiome test kit that provides detailed insights into the microorganisms inhabiting your gut and how they function.

It is a powerful, evidence-based tool that allows you to learn about your unique microbial community in unprecedented detail and identifies dietary suggestions that may improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Sample: via swab at home.

Includes: FREE 15 minute consultation with Jacqui our Naturopath to explain your results. Please note treatment plan not included, you can upgrade to a Naturopath Package to help you with treatment and support.