Thyroid Testing Basic- Serum

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Hormones Tested via Blood

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Thyroid health is fast becoming a increasing health concern. Testing your thyroid hormones can explain a full picture to your health. 

Common symptoms with  hypo/ hyper thyroidism

Fatigue, Poor concentration Fatigue, Poor concentration
Weight gain/ Weight loss
Cold intolerance/ Heat intolerance
Skin and hair dryness, hair loss/ Increased sweating
Constipation/ Frequent bowel movement
Depression / Anxiety and restlessness
Apathy/ Irritability
Memory impairment/ Insomnia
Muscle cramps and myalgia/ Muscle weakness
Oedema/ Dyspnea
Bradycardia, dyslipidemia/ Palpitations, hypertension
Irregular/heavy menstrual periods/ Irregular menstrual periods
Depressed ovarian function, infertility 

5-8 days once samples are received at the lab. A report will be emailed directly to you.

Collection Times:

Ideally fasting first thing in the morning at a compatible collection centre. Please note a collection fee of $33 will be charged at the blood collection centre


Every test comes with a FREE 10 minute consultation with our Naturopath Jacqui Watts. This is a general guide of your results not a treatment regime.

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